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Post up all of your character plotters here!
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Looking for someone to claim a friend or sister to your OC? Perhaps you'd like to see if there are any members willing to take a villain that you want your character to face? You could even search for pixies to bond to your character if you like! Whoever it is you're looking for, advertise for them up here for the other members to see!
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The Boys! by Ichigo
Sept 17, 2016 6:52:55 GMT
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Here's a nifty corner of the forum where you can write character journals as they go along on their travels, send letters or even try and master the art of social media!
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Nemesis' Journal by Nemesis Vesper
Jul 10, 2016 2:12:46 GMT
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Keep a tab on where your character is and where they've gone by posting up trackers for them!
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Mage's Tracker by Nyx Vesper
Jul 17, 2016 23:23:03 GMT

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Plotting and Scheming
You'll find all the OC plotters and trackers over here! This is a very useful thread for those of you who aren't sure where your characters fit in and would like somewhere to start all of your evil scheming with the other members.
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